Not Getting a Promotion? Make Sure you Follow these 7 Steps

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In the corporate world, you compete with thousands of employees to climb up the ladder of success. To climb up that ladder, you need to be timely promoted to the next level. Getting promotion, especially timely promotion is not that easy. If you think that just by doing a good job will get you the promotion, then you are totally wrong.

Here are some simple tips and tricks, which will help you to place your strong candidature for promotion to your management.

1# Be Proactive at work

Always be proactive at work. Take decisions or measures to avoid certain problems, instead of waiting for the problem to occur and then look for the solution. Volunteer yourself to take additional responsibilities or assignments along with your regular work.

2# Have Good Relationship with Your Boss

Getting a promotion is directly in the hands of your boss. It all depends on your boss, how willing he is to get you promoted and places your candidature in front of the management. Hence it is very important to have a good relationship with your boss. Always try to make his job easier. In fact, some people say that make your boss’ job obsolete. Meaning, your boss should have such confidence and trust in you that you can take over all his tasks, so that he can focus on some other areas of importance.

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3# Get Noticed at Top Level Hierarchies

Doing a good job is not just sufficient. You need to get noticed to your top level hierarchies. Whenever you solve a critical problem or complete a milestone in a project, make sure that your work is highlighted everywhere. Take initiatives and schedule one-one to meetings with at least one-level up managers. Let them know about your achievements and plan for the year. Do not depend on your manager to let the management know about your achievements and good work. Always try to do a self-promotion of your work.

4# Acquire New Skills and Knowledge

In today’s competitive world, it is very important to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies, skills and knowledge. Organizations expect employees to be multi-dimensional and not be restricted to one area of work only. Hence, always look for new training and certification courses, to expand your horizon of work.

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5# Take One Level-up Responsibilities

Look for new responsibilities, duties that are meant to be performed by a level up person with respect to your current position. This will show your management that you are ready to work at the next level and make your candidature stronger.

6# Display your Strong Interpersonal Skills

You need to always look for opportunities, where you can display your interpersonal skills and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Volunteer yourself to solve the problems, have good client relationships, be assertive etc.

7# Make Your Managers Aware that you want Promotion

Do not expect your managers to themselves select your name for a promotion. You need to be vocal about it and that too at the beginning of the year. Discuss with your manager about the tasks or responsibilities you should take in that year, so that you can be projected as a strong and deserving candidate for the promotion.

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