Who doesn’t like to be with a friendly person. Friendly people are the popular ones in the organization. People like to be around such people, be it lunch breaks, projects or may be just a team. They appear to be very pleasant personalities, easily approachable and easy to communicate with.

Though friendliness comes naturally in the behavior of such people, but with efforts and lot of practice you too can acquire this skill.

Being friendly is good, but being over friendly is dangerous. The key is to strike a right balance of friendliness, especially in the workplace.

Some point to be taken care while at the workplace:

  1. To be a friendly person, do not try to please people by nodding head to everything they say.
  2. Do not try to unnecessarily be part of a conversation which is not related to you.
  3. Wherever necessary, let people know if they are doing/speaking something wrong. Don’t worry about being unpleasant to them at times.


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