Analyze the Audience

Once you have set the purpose of the presentation, the next step is to analyzing your audience. It is very important that you ask these questions to yourself.

  1. Category: Whether the audience is senior management ad bosses, or just your colleagues.
  2. Age group: What is the age group of your audience (seniors, students or mix age)
  3. Knowledge: What is their knowledge on the subject.
  4. Needs: What are their needs from the presentation
  5. Expectations: What are they expecting to take away from the presentation
  6. Interest: Whether it is their own interest to attend the presentation or are been sent.

Any time invested in researching and analyzing your audience prior to your presentation is always time well spent.

If you know your audience well, you will be able set the mood of the presentation more effectively. It will help know whether to keep the presentation crisp and clear or make it more detailed. Whether to set a formal or informal tone for the presentation. How much time do you need spend on a topic or even for the entire presentation.

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