Deal with Questions from the Audience

It’s good to have a Questions session at the end of the presentation. This will allow you to understand how effective you were to convey your points to the audience.

But it’s important that you keep the control on the session with yourself. Don’t just keep leave it open ended which can create a mess around.

Keep in mind the following points while dealing with questions.

  1. The first rule it to listen and understand the question carefully. Do not hesitate to request the person to narrate the question one more time. You can also clarify the question by repeating it yourself, like ‘Do you mean to say this…?’ or ‘Are you asking this…’. Reformulating the question also helps the other listeners to hear the question properly.
  2. If you know the answer to the question, just answer it. But do not try to over explain and spend too much of time.
  3. If you do not know the answer for a difficult question, just simply admit it and say that you are not aware of it and will have to do some research on it. You may also ask his/her email id, to let know the answer to the question later.
  4. Sometimes a question may be put up which may not be related to your presentation. No need to try attempting the answer, you can simply say that as the question is out of your scope, you may not be able to answer the question.

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