5 Do’s and Don’ts at Work for the Year 2019

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A new year always brings new hope, new goals, new resolutions, so that the next 365 days pass with some objective in our mind. At least in my case, I always spend a lot of time in the beginning of the year, thinking about what I want to achieve that year. I believe that everyone should analyse oneself and set at least few targets, which can be either to develop a new skill or achieve a position or acclaim during that year.

So now here’s the year 2019, and I have listed down certain do’s and don’ts that every professional should follow. This list will help you to analyse yourself and setup certain resolutions for this new year.


  1. Communication, communication and communication. It is very important to have regular communication with teammates and managers. Give feedback to others and ask for their feedback too. This will help to build a healthy relationship at work.

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  1. Health is wealth. This should be your motto for this year. Make some extra effort to pack a healthy snack for work instead of munching those unhealthy options available at office. Always find that opportunity to walk at regular intervals, instead of just sitting at your desk for the whole day.

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  1. To-Do List. Are you still not on the to-do list? Give a try to use this very useful tool this year. It is surely going to make a huge difference to your efficiency.

Making To-do Lists

  1. Messy Desk, messy head. Start your year by cleaning up your desktop and move the files to their respective folders. Not only clean up your desktop, but make a habit to always save the documents in their folders instead of saving them on the desktop.
  2. Be Assertive. This year, express your opinion, be vocal, be social with colleagues and customers and stand for the right things.


  1. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t try to avoid any work and postpone it for another day. This is a very dangerous habit for your career. Always be positive in your thoughts and put away all the negative thoughts. Once you start thinking positive, you will feel confident in taking up difficult tasks and kick the habit of procrastination.

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  1. Let go the habit of interrupting. Interrupting people while they are speaking really gives a very negative impression. Learn to listen. This will not only help you gain respect but also give a very positive impression about you.

Good Listener

  1. Don’t make your personal life public in office. I am sure you don’t want others to gossip about your problems in life. So while attending personal calls excuse yourself and take some private space to attend such calls.

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  1. Don’t overwork yourself. Work is important, but your health is as much important. If you have the habit of overwork, this is definitely going to affect your health in future. So this year, promise yourself to have a balance between your work and personal life so that you can have a healthy and successful future ahead.

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  1. Don’t get addicted to social media. Promise yourself this year to stay away from social media during the office hours, or at least save them for lunch or coffee break. Social media has become one of the biggest distraction that affects the performance of employees, so try to stay away from it.

So these are some of the dos and don’ts that you should definitely promise yourself to follow. It is not easy to change the habits suddenly. But with continuous efforts, one can surely develop these new habits.

I would be very glad to hear your resolutions for this year. Your ideas can be a great motivation to others.

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