You get respect when you give respect. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, be it in office, home or outside. Communicating respectfully with your colleagues, managers and office staff will give a positive impression about you and help you in moving ahead in your career.

Here are some points to be taken care while communicating at your workplace.

  1. Give respect to other’s opinions by listening carefully to what they have to say. Though it may not be relevant and you may not be interested in it, but if someone is trying to speak to you, just listen. If you show him that respect, in turn you will also receive the same.
  2. Never get into an argument with your colleagues. It is fine, if your opinions don’t match with others, but there is no need to argue about it. You can have a healthy debate on it, where everyone has equal right to provide their opinion. You may be right, but others may also be not wrong. Argument leads to an unhealthy environment and looks like you are not showing any respect to others opinion.
  3. Never laugh at other’s views or ideas, however nonsense they are. This shows a disrespect towards them. Instead, in a very polite manner try to explain them, why that idea will not work or is not relevant to the situation.
  4. When speaking to your subordinates or office staff, watch out the tone in which you are speaking. You should not sound commanding or dictating. Be polite and kind to them and show them respect.








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