Soft Skills

Imagine you being one of the toppers of your college, master in your field. You get into one of your dream companies. Your manager is very impressed with your project and asks you to prepare for the presentation to the CEO. Very enthusiastically you prepare the presentation slides and impress your boss. And when the manager says that you should present it, you are all in shivers. You are not able to gain the confidence to present your own presentation and are on the verge of losing this golden opportunity. Though you possess the best of the technical skills, you lack the soft skills like self-confidence, public speaking, presentation skills etc., due to which you may lose the first step of the ladder towards success.

Well, as it is said, technical skills and the skills related to your job are must, but they alone will not help you to climb the ladder of success. Soft skills are equally important in this competitive world. One should have the capability to share his/her ideas, and convey the message in a simple and understandable way to others.

As soft skills are a sociological term, relating to a person’s “EIQ” (Emotional Intelligent Quotient), the cluster of personality traits, social graces, language, communication, personal habits, friendliness and optimism that characterize relationship with other people. It is often said, hard skills are required to receive an interview call, but soft skills are needed to get and remain in the job or for furtherance of career growth. Hence, soft skills complement the hard skills. Hard skills are specific to certain type of tasks or activities, whereas soft skills are broadly, but inescapably applicable to everything.

But the question is, can one acquire these soft skills, or are these natural personality traits. Well the answers is yes, you can definitely acquire these soft skills. All it requires is lots of practice, which starts from your home, neighborhood and your day to day activities.

The modules and the resources (soft skills training material) given here will help you to understand the different aspects of soft skills and train you. You can also request for one to one online session for personal training. All you need to do is lots of practice and apply these skills in your day to day activities so that they become your natural personality trait.


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