Subject Line in Professional Emails

The subject line of an email should be like a mirror of your message. An email without a subject line looks like a body without clothes. Hence when writing an email, give an equal thought to what the subject line of your email should be.

Some points to remember:

  1. Always add a subject line to your email.
  2. The subject line must be relevant to your content.
  3. While replying to an email, do not change the subject line, if your reply is for the ongoing conversation. But if you are picking up an old email and sending with all together new context, you should surely change subject line matching the new content.
  4. Write a subject line as such that it grabs the attention of the recipients, because people decide to open an email, only if they find the subject line interesting.
  5. Do not write the subject line in ALL CAPS. It doesn’t give a good impression.


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