Professional Salutations

The purpose of salutation is to greet the recipient of the email. The use of salutation depends on many factors like, whether it is a formal or informal communication, relationship with the recipients, whether it is addressed to single person or many people. So based on these factors provide an appropriate salutation to your email.

Some points to remember regarding email salutations.

  1. ‘Dear’ is the most used, and most of the times most appropriate salutation that can be used in an email. For eg. “Dear Sir”, “Dear Mr. John”, “Dear Ms. Ane”. If you do not know the gender of the recipient, the best way is to use the full name like “Dear Jean Leo”.
  2. For informal communication, you can use ‘Hello’ for the greeting. Eg. “Hello John”.
  3. For a female recipient, avoid using “Miss” or “Mrs.” if you do not know about the marital status. Instead, use “Ms.”
  4. In case of email addressed to a group, you can use salutations like “Hello Team”, “Greetings to All” etc.
  5. Many people start the message with a simple ‘Hi’. Use ‘Hi’ only with the people you know very well. But don’t leave it with just a ‘Hi’, add the name of the person also. For eg. “Hi John”.
  6. Using “Hi All” is a very casual way of addressing an email to a group. Use it very cautiously and avoid it if any senior management is also among the recipients.



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