Resume Killers- Avoid these 10 Critical Mistakes that can Kill your Resume

It is said that first impression is the last impression and in the case of job application, your resume is the first impression that you make on the recruiters. However great your content may be, but if it is not presented properly and is error free, it is not going to get you a call. Hence, it becomes very important to write your resume carefully and avoid the mistakes that are mentioned below.

#1 Language and Grammar

Correct grammar and spelling is what anyone expects from an educated person. It is the first thing that we are being taught in the school, but it is also the most common mistake that we make.

You need to avoid this mistake and make sure that your resume is grammatically perfect. You may not want to give the recruiters an impression about your careless writing or poor language.

There are lot of free tools like Grammarly available for download. Make sure that you proofread your resume with such tool and make your resume error free.


#2 Not Updating your Resume

Most people make this mistake of just adding the details of the latest project or the organization and send the resume. Well, this is a very wrong pra

ctice. A few years back when you would have made the resume, your position, goals may be totally different. Today, when you must be applying for a new position, the summary, the points to be focused and the tone of the resume is should be different. One resume does not fit all the levels and positions.

Hence, before sending the resume, make sure that you revisit the entire resume, highlight the points as per the current position and set the tone of the resume accordingly.

#3 Mentioning an Objective in the Resume

Gone are the days when objective used to be a part of the resumes. It has strictly become a no, in today’s scenario. The recruiters know that if you have applied for the job, your objective would be to achieve something in that direction.

So, if you are still carrying an objective in your resume, be sure to remove it, until and unless your objective is unique one and in the interest of the organization.

#4 Including too much Information

People have the misconception that mentioning each and everything about their past jobs will make the resume strong. Well, this approach is totally wrong. The hiring managers are just interested in the value that you have added to the previous organizations, the kind of responsibilities that you have performed and the skills you have. Hence, you need to just highlight the important points from your past jobs and try to restrict your resume to not more than 2 pages.

#5 Incorrect Information in the Resume

Never provide wrong information like fake past job experience, skills, duties, etc. There are lots of ways through which recruiters may come to know about your made up information.

Also, make sure that you provide correct and active contact information on which the recruiters may contact you.

#6 Not Highlighting your Accomplishments

Many people forget to highlight their accomplishments from previous jobs, and rather focus on the roles and responsibilities that were performed. Most of the responsibilities mentioned are the same that most of the other resume have. What will make your resume stand out is accomplishments that you achieved while performing your regular duties.

Hence, if you have received any awards, published articles or delivered a podcast, closed some big deals, etc., highlight those in your resume.

#7 Using Unprofessional Email Accounts

It may sound weird to some people, but yes, people do have some very strange email address which they even mention on their resume. People having email addresses like superman_xyz@, cute_girl@, xyz_thehulk@, bemyfrined@, etc., may relate to this.

You must have created such email address during schooling, but please don’t use them in the professional world. Create a professional email address and mention it in your resume.

#8 Unformatted Resume and use of Stylish Fonts

Any bad formatted document will bother the eyes of the reader. Resume being your most important document, give some time on the formatting and making it eye pleasing. Your formatting should be consistent throughout the resume.

Never use any stylish fonts in your resume. Your resume should look professional and standard fonts like Arial, Times, etc., should be used. These fonts are available in all the PCs and will not disturb the formatting in other PCs.

The safest way to send the resume is to send it in the PDF format. This will keep your original formatting intact and your document will look clean.

#9 Adding Personal Information

The employers are not interested in your hobbies, your religion, marital status, your facebook profile, twitter handle, your pets, etc. Avoid mentioning personal information in the resume. You may simply be wasting the space and compromising in other relevant information.

#10 Mentioning your Office Email and Phone in the Resume

Never provide your official contact details in your resume. You may not want people to call you on your office phone. If you are not allowed to carry the personal phone or cannot access your personal email account in the office, provide your suitable time to contact while sending the resume, so that people will call only during those times.


Resume writing is not an easy job. It requires lot of patience and research. Knowing what needs to be avoided, will make your work a little simple. But, even after putting all the efforts, if you are not satisfied with your resume, do not hesitate to take some consultation from the professional resume making services.

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