Reply to All – Use cautiously

“Reply  All” is a very critical button. One must think twice before hitting the reply to all button. Have a thought on that is it really required to reply to all the participants in the email thread or just reply to the sender?

You will come across many situations in office where you may find some tens of emails with the same subject received from different senders. Later you realize that people are replying to all with their messages, which can be just a congratulation, praise for the work done, agreeing on some points, greetings etc. Now this becomes very annoying to people as their inbox gets bombarded with such irrelevant emails.

Please avoid such practice, if you have to convey your message, just reply to the people to whom the message is intended to, just don’t simply hit the reply to all button.

Some points to remember:

  1. When hitting the “Reply all” button, just think first whether all the participants in the email (To and CC) will be benefited from the email.
  2. If someone else is jamming the inbox with mail chains, do not follow the trend.
  3. When replying to all with some important or confidential information, always check out your recipients list. There is a chance that there are some names who should not be receiving that information.

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