Dealing with Confidential Information

In an office, you may be dealing with lots of sensitive and confidential information. Many a times you need to share it with managers and colleagues. You will find email to be the best medium to share such information. But be careful, as emails may not always be safe and secure.

One has to be very careful while dealing with the confidential information, as one small mistake can cost the job.

So firstly, share the information only if it is very important and to trusted people only. Mark your email with confidential remark in the subject line so that the recipient will handle it carefully while reading.

Some points to remember:

  1. Never send the confidential information to any personal email address including yours. You can get trapped in legal matters.
  2. Add a “Confidential” remark in the subject of the email.
  3. Always check twice the recipients marked in the email.
  4. Analyze once, if it is necessary to share the information on email.
  5. For safety purpose, add the auto read receipt to the email, so that you know that the email has been read.


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