Putting Call on Hold

Many a times, there can be situations during the call, you need to engage in something else unavoidably. At such times, you need to keep the person on call on hold for some time. Though keeping the call on hold doesn’t sound good, but many times you have to do it for reasons like call received on another phone, visitor on your desk, searching for information etc.

Some points that you can follow so as not to offend the other person on the call.

  1. When you are keeping the call on hold, just don’t do it without taking the permission of the person on call. You can simply ask, “There is another call coming, can I keep the call on hold for some time”, or “Can I keep the call on hold, while I retrieve the information required”.
  2. When keeping on hold, do not keep the person waiting for more than a minute.
  3. After getting back to the call, apologize for keeping on hold.
  4. If you need to keep the call on hold for a long time, simply take the caller’s number (if number is unknown) and ask him if you call back in sometime.
  5. When asking to call back, don’t let the other person callback you, after finishing your work, you should call back immediately.

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