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Poor English and grammar are some of the most common reasons that articles submitted to academic journals are sometimes rejected. Hence it is very important that you polish the language of your manuscript before submitting it.

How can our editing service help you in publishing of your manuscript?

Professional copy editing can help in

  • Improving the overall language quality of the document
  • Eliminate any kind of grammatical and typographical errors in the document
  • Following the same voice throughout the document
  • Follow the same style throughout the document
  • Align the document to the format and style requirement given by the journal/publisher/university or follow a common standard throughout the document
  • Alert for the missing citations, inconsistency in the table of figure numbering or other errors in the document.

Why choose us?

  • Guaranteed on-time delivery
  • Affordable pricing
  • Editing done by the field experts
  • 100% guarantee on the quality

Our Services

English Language Editing

We will review your article and ensure that language is clear and makes sense, check for spelling, grammar, tense, syntax and sentence structure.

Scientific Editing

Our Scientific Editing service will provide in-depth editing of the manuscript done by the subject experts. It will improve the readability of the paper, check the citations in the paper, align the text and references to the content stylesheet of the journal and ensure that the paper meets the high standard of academic publishing.

Translation with Editing

We will help you to translate the paper from any language into English language and edit it thoroughly, to meet the journal submission standards and you can submit your article to English-language journals.

Plagiarism Check

If the manuscript is not properly acknowledged and cited, it is viewed as an unethical practice and can lead to the rejection of the manuscript.

Our Plagiarism Check Services will help you remove all such errors and help meet the journal standards

We will scan your paper with the Turnitin software and will provide the Turnitin assessment and a report that will guide you to identify the plagiarized text and missing citations.

Plagiarism Check $10 per document

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