Avoiding Procrastination

sign-1865303_640Tendency to procrastinate is a very dangerous sign, especially to your career. Procrastination is a habit, where people tend to avoid important and tedious tasks, and instead go for some more comfortable and enjoyable tasks. Basically, they do not want to take responsibilities or stress in life. But people do not realize that running away from the responsibilities or work will not lead them towards success.

The common reasons why people procrastinate are:

  1. Lack of self-confidence is one of the reasons. If people are not confident that they can do this work, they will try to delay or avoid the work.
  2. Some people have the misconception that if they avoid a certain work, some other person will do it.
  3. People may not feel motivated to do some tasks, as it may not be adding any value to their work and hence avoid them. But being at workplace, there will be such tasks which all must do, like some mandatory trainings, drills etc.

So, how can one avoid procrastination? The key lies in proper time management. If you manage your time effectively, it will give you more control on your workload and self-confidence.

The following points can help you to avoid procrastination.

  1. Firstly, you need to accept that you have the tendency to procrastinate. Once you accept, ask yourself, why are you showing this behavior. After identifying the reasons, think about how can you overcome those reasons.
  2. Get rid of the distractions that are making you avoid certain work. It can be your inclination to social media, smartphone, colleagues etc. Even a cluttered desktop or a desk can cause this behavior. So, tidy your desk and desktop, and then try to concentrate on the work.
  3. Discuss your work that you are finding difficult with others. Discussions may give you some ideas and more understanding about the work. Once you overcome your worries about that work, you will not tend to delay or avoid it.
  4. Constant thinking of failure also sometimes leads to procrastination. That fear prevents you to start that work. At such times, just get started on the work without thinking. Once you start working, you will gain some confidence and the fear of failure will be gone.


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