Delivering the presentation

Now when you have prepared well for the presentation, it is the time to deliver it effectively to your audience.

While delivering the presentation just remember the following don’ts which should be avoided.

  1. Sometimes unconsciously the presenter does some actions which shows his low level of confidence. Actions like rubbing the nose, touching the face, playing with the watch or jewelry etc. should be avoided.
  2. Try not to use ‘a’ too much in your sentences
  3. Do not blabber
  4. Do not rush around. Deliver your speech at a moderate pace, taking pauses in between.

Now some do’s while delivering your presentation

  1. Eye contact: Maintain an eye contact with your audience. Look at every person in turn with an eye contact for at least 3-4 seconds.
  2. Always keep a smile on your face.
  3. Use your hand gestures to make your point. When your words and hand follow each other, it gives a very good impact to the listeners.
  4. If you find yourself lost in between, immediately look at your notes and continue without panicking.

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