Clear and Concise

Always try to put up your thoughts in a clear and concise way. Over explaining, always tends to lose the essence of the topic. Hence, your words should be just enough, not too much and not too little.

Especially, when you are talking to your peers, speak concisely. Their time is very precious, so keep only the required information in your communication. In case of written communication, it will be a good idea to provide a summary or highlight the important information. Being concise will save the time of both, your audience and you.

Similarly, your communication should be very clear, in simple words. Do not try to use complex words, jargon unnecessarily. However great your vocabulary be, but avoid using the tricky words which may not be understood by others. Your aim should be to convey your message to the receptor in a way that can be understood easily and no other meaning could be derived from it.


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