In email communications, many times we need to send some documents, files, photos, videos as an attachment in the email. Most of the email programs allow any type of file to be attached to the email. But like the other aspects of an email, one must give keen attention on the attachments also.

Here are some important points to be taken care while sending email attachments.

  1. When sending an attachment, always give a reference of that attachment in the email body. People generally do not give attention to the attachments, until they expect it in the email.
  2. Always scan your file with an antivirus before sending it. You don’t want your email to be blocked by the email server due a virus threat.
  3. When attaching a file, check the software compatibility of that file. If the file needs a special software to open it, either convert it into a version that is compatible with the commonly available software, or make a pdf copy of it.
  4. Always check the size of the file. No person will be happy to jam his inbox with heavy size emails. Always make a compressed copy of the file before attaching. If still the attachment size is large, as a courtesy, check with the recipient whether you can send a large attachment with the email.
  5. Do not use your office email to exchange personal photos, video files with other users. It is a very bad practice which can overload the email server and affect the email transactions for the entire office.




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