Signature Block

While sending professional emails, it is a good practice to include a signature block at the end of your email. The signature provides complete information of the sender like his full name, contact information and company details. Especially, the emails external to the organization, signature is a must, as it provides a professional touch to the email.

Some points to remember:

  1. A signature provides you an opportunity to connect and tell about yourself. The content of your signature should be balanced. Do not make it look messy by putting unnecessary information. Also, do not lose the opportunity by not putting the relevant information.
  2. Give a professional look to your signature by using simple colors and fonts. Your signature should stand out from the email body. But it does not mean to use flashy colors and fonts.
  3. You can use the color scheme for your signature as per your company standards. As you are representing your organization, it is good to have a signature as per your organization branding. You can add the company logo also to your signature.
  4. In today’s world, when everyone is connected through social media, proving a link to your social media profile is a good idea to connect with people. But provide only your professional profile like LinkedIn, Researchgate, Quora etc.
  5. Avoid adding quotes to your professional email signature. Sometimes quotes can conflict with the other person’s ideology.
  6. Do not write a signature that runs into many lines. You can use pipes (|) or colons (::) to separate the text and merge the lines into fewer lines.
  7. Nowadays many people use mobile devices to read and reply to the emails. So just test your signature on a mobile device also and make the necessary changes to be compatible with the mobile devices also.

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