Receiving/Making the Calls

The first step after answering the call should be to greet the person on the call and introduce yourself. You can introduce yourself by simply saying “Hello.. this is Anna” or “Anna here”. When you are calling someone, it will be good to add the name of the company or department along with your name, for eg., “This is Anna from HR department” or “Hello.. I am Anna calling from XZY company”. This will let the person know with whom he is speaking to.

Next, as a courtesy ask the person, to whom you have called, whether it is a good time to speak. This is important when you are calling without giving any prior intimation about the call.

Some points to remember:

  1. Always be polite while speaking on phone irrespective of the rank of the person on the other side.
  2. In case of calls in different time zones, greet the person as per his time zone.
  3. Do not let your frustration or irritation be seen to the caller, when answering the call. Irrespective of your mood, answer the call with a smile. Even though the person cannot see you, he can sense your mood with your tone.

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