Personal Calls and Cell Phones at Workplace

Nowadays, everyone carries their own cell phone at workplace. Earlier the cell phones were only a simple calling device, but now it has become a smartphone. While smartphones are very handy and useful, but in office they should be used very cautiously.

Some companies have policies for employees on use of smartphones. If your organization has one, be sure to read it properly and follow it. Even if there are no formal policies, one should be careful enough to show professionalism while using it.

Some points to remember regarding cell phones and personal calls at workplace.

  1. Your personal cell phone should always be kept on a silent mode while in office.
  2. Always keep a simple ringtone for incoming calls, messages and alerts. In case your phone is not on silent, the ringing of phone should not disturb the people around.
  3. Never use your office phone for personal calls. It is a very unprofessional practice.
  4. Your boss will never appreciate if you are spending more time on your personal calls. Generally, one should avoid taking personal calls during office time, but in case of important calls, one can oblige.
  5. Always go to a private place while taking a personal call. Be sure to not disturb other people, while attending personal calls.
  6. Never use restrooms to attend personal calls.
  7. Never take personal calls while in a meeting. If it is very important, you can excuse yourself and go to a private place to attend the call. But remember to keep the conversation short and return to the meeting.
  8. Do not spend time on chatting, browsing or on social media while in office. If you are caught by your boss while on your smartphone, it can give a negative impression about you.





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