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A good communicator is always a good listener also. Communication is a two-way process. You should not only be good in conveying your message to others, but you should also be a good receiver of the other’s message by being a good listener. No one will like to communicate with another person who doesn’t listen to what they are speaking.

In an organization, you will observer that there are only few mentors/managers with whom you feel like sharing your problems and seek clarification and advice. Have you analyzed why is it so? It is because they are good listeners. You know that they will listen to your problems and give you a good advice.

Some points to remember to be a better listener and communicate effectively

  1. Be an active listener. Active listening is paying attention to what the other person is saying, asking questions, clarifying things and sometimes even rephrasing the sentences like ‘Oh you mean to say this..?’.
  2. Do not interrupt while the other person is speaking. First listen to what he has to say and then put up your thoughts across. The best example to give here will be an interview. Many candidates, tend to start upon the answer, even before the interviewer has completed his question. This gives a very bad impression.
  3. Do not divert the topic of conversation. Always stick to what is being discussed. For example, your boss is asking an update on a project. If you do not have anything concrete to speak on this, just simply say it your boss instead of bluffing him with talks on other work.
  4. Do not try to dominate the other person while communicating. Everyone should get an equal chance of speaking. A good communicator always listens to others first and then put up his thoughts.
  5. If you are in some serious or critical discussion, do not rush around to speak up first. Always take some time, analyze what you have to say in mind and then put across your thoughts.

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