How to Write a Resignation Letter

A change is always required to move ahead in life. That change can be in career or personal life. Once you find yourself not enjoying your job anymore, or cannot see a future in your current job, it is a sign for a change in the job. Even if you have found some rather good opportunity or just a personal reason, you may be required to change the job.

Leaving the current job on a high note and good terms with the employer, will lead to a positive relationship with your managers and the employer. One should never show the negative feelings that he may be having for others while leaving the job.

When you decide to leave the job, you must submit a formal resignation letter/email to inform your manager, HR and any other concerned person. The resignation letter is generally sent before a month (depending on your notice period) to notify the concerned people in advance. Also, your notice period starts from the day of your resignation letter so it should be planned accordingly.

The resignation letter should be in a simple and polite language and must contain certain information in it.

  1. It should clearly show your intent to leave the job.
  2. It should contain your proposed last day of working.
  3. If you want to reduce your notice period, you can request it in the resignation letter.
  4. The language of the letter should be polite and graceful.
  5. You must be assuring for a smooth knowledge transfer and transition during your notice period, so that the work is not suffered in your absence.
  6. It will be a good idea to state the reason of your resignation, which may be either a good opportunity, relocation, family reasons, maternity, higher education etc. But do not give a negative reason like not enjoying the work, hate the company, less salary etc. in your letter. Such reasons should not be shared with the employer to maintain a positive relationship.
  7. Wrap up the letter/email on a positive and thankful note. You can thank the manager for the learning opportunities and support provided to you.


Here are some sample resignation letters for your reference.


Sample 1

Sample 2

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