According to the world’s highest-paid performance coach, Brendon Burchard, there are just six habits that can help you achieve long term success and win. Adopt these six habits and you win. Neglect them and life is a never-ending struggle. If you do adopt any new habits to succeed faster, choose the habits in this book. […]

When a group of people works together in an environment, conflicts are bound to happen. Each individual has a different perspective of thinking, has different experience level and possess different skills. Conflict management is a practice of handling such conflicts fairly and efficiently, at the same time limiting the negative aspects while increasing the positive […]

For those who don’t know who is Elon Musk, he is the co-founder of the world’s biggest payment processing company PayPal, along with Tesla Motors, Solar city, ZIP2 and SpaceX. Musk became a multimillionaire in his late 20s when he sold his start-up company, Zip2, to a division of Compaq Computers. He is one of […]

Working with Percentage Change Percentage Increase: Percentage Increase = Difference between the two numbers compared  divided by the Original number and then multiply by 100 % Increase = (New Number- Original Number) / Original Number x 100 Percentage Decrease = Difference between the two numbers (decrease) compared  divided by the Original number and then multiply […]

A new year always brings new hope, new goals, new resolutions, so that the next 365 days pass with some objective in our mind. At least in my case, I always spend a lot of time in the beginning of the year, thinking about what I want to achieve that year. I believe that everyone […]

One of the much awaited books ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama is finally published and available to public. Michelle Obama is an idol for many of us woman. Her life has been a learning. How she has shaped herself from an ordinary women to an inspiration and the most iconic lady of our era In her […]

If you are looking for a new job and want to relocate in US, have a look at this list of best cities in US to work (Source Pittsburgh, PA            (City Score 4.4) 3.2 / 5 Job Satisfaction $44,000 Median Base Salary $137,400 Median Home Value Hot Jobs: Civil Engineer, Project Manager, Registered Nurse Indianapolis, IN      […]