Communication Mistakes that Should be Avoided at Work


Communication is a very important aspect in the professional world. Poor communication can impact the reputation of a person and show unprofessional behavior. Certain communication mistakes can have a larger impact on the organization like losing on clients, revenue and reputation in the market. Hence every individual should understand the importance of communication and practice the communication skills.

Do you make these communication mistakes at the workplace?

1# Sending/Submitting your Work Without Proofreading

This is the most common mistake that we generally all do, just simply press the send/submit button without proofreading it. While typing the email or making a document, there is a high possibility of various typo error or entering some wrong information. Once a wrong message is communicated, it cannot be reversed back. Even though you may correct it later and resend it, but the damage to your image is already being done.

Hence, make a practice to just spend a few minutes to read your message once before sending it.

Make use of tools like Grammarly, which is very easy to install. It will help to point out all kinds of grammatical errors while you are typing, hence will save you from the embarrassment of wrong communication.

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2# Not Making an Eye Contact while Communicating

Whenever we are communicating, it’s not only our voice that speaks, but our whole body, including the eyes. Hence, while speaking, always make an eye contact with the other person.

Many of us have the habit of looking here and there, play with an object or just stare at the laptop, when someone else is speaking. Be it a one to one communication or a group meeting, make it a point of always looking in the eyes of the person who is speaking. It shows that you are listening to him/her and are on the same page.

3# Interrupting when Others are Speaking

Who likes interruption? Imagine how will you feel if the other person interrupts you in between and places his opinion without listening to yours. Yes, it will irritate you and you will generate a negative opinion about that person.

The same thing may happen to you, if you keep on interrupting others while they are speaking. Hence, make it a habit of patiently listen to others while they are speaking, and speak only after they have finished their talk.

4# Assuming People have Understood what you have said

Never assume that you are being understood by others. Always cross-check by asking questions or repeating what you are trying to say. It is better to be repetitive than being misunderstood.

Also, communicate your message in a direct and simple way. Do not assume people to read between the lines and understand the hidden message. Always convey the message in direct words.

5# Avoiding Difficult or Sensitive Communication

Many people find it difficult to be a part of sensitive or difficult communications where they need to show some empathy toward others. And in doing so, they commit another big mistake of communicating their message through email. Written communications cannot convey the emotions that you want to show, also will never know the reaction of the other person.

Hence, never communicate any sensitive information or any bad news through email. Always communicate in person. In case of sensitive information show some empathy towards the person. If you need to give some negative feedback or news, be firm and communicate in very clear words.

6# Unprepared Communication

Unprepared presentations, meeting, public address etc., are a big mistake that people generally do due to overconfidence. No matter how well you know about the context, you should always prepare for your communication. Give some time to prepare for some impactful and creative messages so that your audience remains engaged with you. Proofread your content, or check your presentation slides if they are compatible with the projector.

If required rehearse your presentation alone. This will give you confidence and you will be able to communicate your thoughts fluently and clearly.

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#7 Showing Instant Negative Reaction

People have the habit of instantly showing reaction like shouting, anger after hearing some negative news. Such behavior can generate a bad reputation in office.

One needs to be very careful in controlling anger at the workplace. As a professional, always give some time to understand the situation, get the complete information and then respond accordingly, instead of reacting without giving any thought.

#8 Not listening to Others

Talking more and listening less is a very dangerous sign. Communication is always two-way. You need to listen to other also as you expect others to listen to you. Poor listening skills lead to misinterpreting the information and create confusions.

It is very important to have patience and listen and understand the complete information and then respond accordingly.

Communication is a very important part of the work environment. If you can avoid these mistakes or blunders, it will definitely help you develop a good reputation at work and lead you towards success.

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