Best use of the #Lockdown… Reading

I hope everyone is at home and safe.  In this difficult time lets all pray for everyone's safety. Now that we are lockdown at our homes everyone is finding different ways of passing their time. Well, I think one should use this time and work on oneself to improve their skills and come up as... Continue Reading →

The Art of Conflict Management: Achieving Solutions for Life, Work, and Beyond- Available for Free

When a group of people works together in an environment, conflicts are bound to happen. Each individual has a different perspective of thinking, has different experience level and possess different skills. Conflict management is a practice of handling such conflicts fairly and efficiently, at the same time limiting the negative aspects while increasing the positive... Continue Reading →

Leaders versus Non-Leaders

  Let me know your views on this article by commenting in the below section. You can follow the blog or subscribe to get the updates on the latest articles. You can also like the Facebook page Corporate Essentials and share your views on this article. Follow me on twitter @corpessentials6 Suggested Reading: 5 Qualities that Make Women as... Continue Reading →

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