Have you been uncomfortable while working for a female boss? I am sure 60% of people reading this article might say yes. “I don’t want to work under a lady manager”, “She is impossible to handle”, etc., these are the common statement I have heard from my friends and colleagues about their female boss.

Well, this has never been my opinion as I have got opportunities to work under some wonderful ladies, and hence have always wondered why do people have such opinions about ladies. After interacting with people and understanding their views I have come up with some of the reasons why men or women find it difficult to work under a lady boss.

#1 The Emotional Quotient: People think that women are more emotional than men. Hence, they think that lady managers are more emotion-centric than performance-centric.

#2 Threat of losing the power: Whether men admit it or not, working under a women make them feel threatened to lose their male supremacy. I know, this statement may not be true in today’s equal gender environment. But, unfortunately it is still true that most men feel threatened while working with female managers.

#3 Queen bee syndrome: Queen bee syndrome describes a woman in a position of authority who views or treats subordinates more critically if they are female. Some studies state that the queen bee syndrome may be the reason that women find it more stressful to work for women managers. Though it is a myth, but it may be responsible to make people think that their lady manger may not be supportive and treat them critically.

#4 Sisterhood: It is again a misconception of many people that a woman supports another woman more than the men. They believe that a lady manager will support the female colleagues more and give them more opportunities than men. This thought demotivates them and leads to less interest in their performance.

#5 Resistance to Change: A leadership style of a man and woman may be different. People find it difficult to accept this change when moving across the leadership styles. Because of their own resistance to change, they make way to their resistance to work with lady managers.

#6 Overlooking their talent: Well, it is a known fact that women can multi task much better than men. Most people do not recognize this talent and appreciate, how a woman can multi task and manage their family and work so efficiently. Instead, they try to find the weakness and cook up reasons for her being successful.

It today’s age when women are occupying more and more top positions in the industry, such beliefs should have no place. It is time that people change their perception towards working with women. Even if you have had a bad experience in the past, give yourself another chance, because such bad experience can happen with a male boss too.

Also, ladies you also need to introspect yourselves and ensure that you are not one of these reasons mentioned above and avoid them so that people may not develop such misconceptions.

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Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. “Well, it is a known fact that women can multi task much better than men. Most people do not recognize this talent and appreciate, how a woman can multi task and manage their family and work so efficiently.”

    Multitasking is a myth. Women are not “better multitaskers”, they are just worse at focusing and more scatter brained.


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