5 Qualities that Make Women as Successful Leaders


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There has, and will be comparisons between the men and women lead working environments all around the world. Both having different personality traits, they are bound to have different leadership styles.

As per the study conducted but Gallup, 2013, if Americans were taking a new job and had their choice of a boss, they would prefer a male boss over a female boss by 35% to 23%, although four in 10 would have no preference. These attitudes have not changed much in recent years, but when Gallup first asked this question in 1953, 66% of Americans preferred a male boss, while just 5% preferred working for a woman.

But times are changing, and the attitude of the people is also changing, and we see more women emerging as successful leaders. If we look at the latest information shared by Catalyst, Women hold 26 (5.2%) CEO positions in the Fortune 500 companies. Though the difference is huge, but it is encouraging that slowly, women are being looked upon as successful leaders and more people are now willing to work under the leadership of a woman.


As said earlier, both men and women have different personality traits and hence their leadership style also differs. So, let us look at the qualities that makes women a successful leader.

#1 Collaboration

Women generally have very good communication skills, which help them collaborate easily with colleague, peers, clients etc. This quality also helps them to make deals much easily as compared to the male counterparts.

#2 Passionate towards Work

It is a known fact that women are more passionate towards the work they like because of the high emotional quotient. Be it their hobby, household work or office work, if they enjoy doing it, they will be very passionate about it. So, if a woman is passionate towards her career, she is definitely going to give more than 100% towards it.

#3 Empathy

Women are more empathetic as compared to males. Hence, they can listen and understand the feeling of others more easily. This makes them a very cooperative manager and help earning trust and respect from their team members. It’s not that males are not empathetic, but the emotional quotient level in higher in females, which works in their favor.

#4 Creativity

Yes, creativity is also a skill that makes a good leader. One need to be creative and experiment with different working methodologies. Women, generally being quite creative, are more likely to have a holistic approach and look at things differently, which works positively for an organization.

#5 Networking

Be it at work or off the work, women are quite good at networking. Networking is very important in business and politics. Having this quality, it helps women to have a good command over information and support from the fraternity.

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5 thoughts on “5 Qualities that Make Women as Successful Leaders

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  1. While the stated qualities may apply to the corporate environment of some countries, they are not all applicable in certain others. In Nigeria, for instance, #3 EMPATHY hasn’t worked so well as been described. Men have been noted to be more empathic than women. I have read a number of articles, listened to some people with female bosses, talk about their female managers in such a way that suggested callousness. A number of workers with male bosses are better treated, especially, females with male bosses.
    To add to the list outlined, I would have suggested being MULTITASKING as one of the qualities. It’s a known fact that women are more multitasking than the average man.


    1. Thanks for sharing your views on the subject… Well yes multitasking is also one of the quality that is stronger in women. But while researching on this, i saw mixed views on multitasking and its contribution towards effective leadership, hence i did not add it.


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