Leaders are Born and Experts are Trained

Are Leaders born or made? This is an age-old question on which lot of theories were written in the past. Each theory has its own perspective and arguments. The debate on leadership is very complicated and I do not want to put forward any argument towards it.

Here is my simple perspective towards leadership that I have learnt in my journey to understand this topic much deeper. Leadership to me is a quality that urges the people to follow the leader naturally. There are no tricks and techniques that can develop that natural charisma that a leader has.

If we look back into our kindergarten or high school days, we may find one or the other kid who naturally becomes a leader of the group. They naturally have the quality that finds other kids listening to them and follow their words. At that age, they do not apply any technique to become the leader, but it is their inborn personality trait that distinguishes them from others.

Leadership is a born quality, but the journey to become an expert is a difficult one. Here one needs to understand the qualities that people look in a leader. With training and practice a born leader can become an expert leader.

Let us look at some qualities that born leaders have

  1. They are born to lead. They don’t need to be asked to take a lead of a situation, they will naturally find themselves taking the command over the situation.
  2. They always display a positive body language that always show the confidence and command.
  3. People tend to show their trust on them and listen to what they say.
  4. They always keep themselves informed. Be it what is happening in their surroundings to what is happening in the world.
  5. They are not afraid of taking responsibilities and in fact, offer to multi-task by taking multiple assignments.
  6. It is their ability to delegate the work to others and ensure that the work is completed successfully on time.
  7. Born leaders know how to balance between their work and personal life. They will never let the work stress affect their personal life. Basically, they know how to be happy in life.

A leader should lead a life that can be set as an example to others and people take inspiration from it.

Besides the natural qualities, a leader is expected to have many other skills and qualities that make them an expert. Those skills can be developed with the help of various training and practice. Some qualities people develop from their own learning and experiences.

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