Brainteasers for Your Brain to Think Out of the Box

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Earlier I had posted few posts on brainteasers which have received great response from the readers and are one of the most hit posts through search engines.

Some Quick Brain Teaser Questions
Can you Solve these 10 Brain Teasers
Some Quick Brain Teaser Questions- Part 2

So here I am back again with a collection of interesting brainteasers that are surely going to stretch your brain to think out of the box.

1. The Biggest Area

A farmer challenges an engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician to fence off the largest amount of area using the least amount of fence.
The engineer made his fence in a circle and said it was the most efficient.
The physicist made a long line and said that the length was infinite. Then he said that fencing half of the Earth was the best.
The mathematician laughed at the others and with his design…

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