Bored from the Work from Home Routine?

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, most of us have been working from home for the last many months. If not used to generally working from home environment, 80% of people are bored with this WFH routine and feeling lonely and cut out from the world. Though we have teleconferencing and chatting tools available, talking to people in person and those coffee breaks cannot be replaced.

But looking at the current situations the WFH is going to continue for many of us until 2021 as different organizations have different plans of opening up. So instead of getting of feeling bored, let us think on how we can make the most out of it keeping the energy levels and enthusiasm up.

So if you are one who is feeling bored and lonely, here are some very useful tips that will help you overcome this boredom and bring a little change in your lifestyle.

  1. Change your morning routine

This is the right time to incorporate activities like a morning walk, jogging, yoga into your morning routine which you could not have done earlier due to the pressure of getting ready and driving to the office. Any kind of exercise in the morning gives a kick start to the day and keeps you fresh throughout the day.

You can also add up activities like reading or writing or listening to your favourite music while having your morning tea or coffee.

2. Decorate your study room or the desk

Now when you are going to spend most of your time of the day in your study room or your working desk, try to make it look aesthetically good. Decorate it with some office stationaries or add some gadgets to your space. A little change in your working space gives a very positive outlook and gives a freshness to your thoughts.

Take a look at this link to get some ideas that you can gift to yourself for your WFH space.

Best Work from Home Gifts for your loved ones

3. Avoid checking your phone, emails or go online first thing in the morning

You must create a boundary between your personal and professional life. Have dedicated office times for the day and avoid the temptation of checking the emails and messages beyond that time. Your personal time should not be hijacked by your professional time and vice versa.

4. Go online shopping for some WFH comfortable attire

We all miss the pleasure of getting ready and wearing different attires every day to the office. But staying home does not mean you cannot get dressed up. There is a whole range of comfortable yet professional looking clothing available online. So just like the normal days, spend some time on getting ready, wear some comfortable clothing and get ready for the office.

Check out this link Comfort WFH clothing for Men and Women

5. Reschedule your Routines

Repeating the same routine every day makes it monotonous and boring. So if your work permits you to have flexible schedules, take advantage and shuffle your work routines. If you have been always working in the mornings, try to reschedule it to evenings for a few days. And use your mornings for your favourite activities like playing some sport, trekking, cooking, reading etc.

Experiment with your routines and look for what works the best for you.

6. Chit-chat with colleagues

Take some out and just call your colleagues to chit chat with them as you do during your coffee breaks in the office. Always just thinking and talking about work becomes very boring. So we need to have small breaks to share a laugh, discuss some gossips, talk about movies, shows and games.

So even when at home, whenever you feel lonely or saturated, just ping or ring your colleagues and simply just chit chat or share your concerns with them.

7. Change your meals

Cooking and baking have now become a favourite pastime for many of us. This is the right time to experiment with some cooking, make a good fresh lunch your yourself during the breaks. You don’t have to just rely on your microwave to reheat the frozen foods or the packaged ones. Utilise your lunch breaks and treat yourself to your favourite food. This will not only help you eat healthily but also make your break look like a lunch break.

8. Start a New Hobby

Do you miss your creative side, or your hobbies due to the time constraints while working from the office? Well now is the time to pursue your hobbies as you are saving a lot of time that used to be wasted while travelling. So use this time to take out our canvases, brushes, papers, clay or anything you like and use this time to the fullest. Hobbies are the best way to beat the boredom and bring a freshness to the life.

These are some of the tips that I want to suggest, which have definitely helped me and will help you as well. So bring about these small changes in your work routine and fully utilize this time which may never come back again.

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