10 ways to Promote your Blog post and Drive Traffic to Your Blog

10 ways to Promote your Blog post and Drive Traffic to Your Blog

You have done all the hard work to create that one blog post. Now, the next thing you want is your post to be viewed and read by the audience and generate traffic to your blog. So how do you achieve it?

Once a new product is launched, the marketers need to promote the product, similarly, when you publish your blog post you need to promote it too. Here are some 10 ways, how you can promote your blog post and generate traffic to your blog.

#01 Share your blog post on Facebook

Facebook has become one of the most used social media platforms by people all around the globe. Hence, make sure to share your link on your profile, facebook page (if any), and groups. If your content is great enough to attract the audience, your post is surely going to draw huge numbers.

#02 Share your blog post on Twitter

Tweet the link of your post using relevant hashtags to your twitter followers. Twitter is the quickest way to reach a huge audience in a short duration of time.

#03 Share the blog post on Pinterest

While creating your blog post, make sure to add some visually attractive graphics to it. Good visuals generally attract more people. You can pin the images to pinterest to promote them.

#04 Share on social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Digg

StumbleUpon is a bookmarking site where you can share your post and tag it under different categories. Your post will be shown to people looking for content in that category, which in turn they can like and share.

Digg is also a social bookmarking site and is about the most talked information on the web.

#05 Comment on other Blogs on same Subject

You need to find out some good quality blogs on your subject having good number of following and comment on few of the blog posts making sure to leave your link too in the comment. Be sure to not look like a spammer. The target audience visiting those blogs may come across your link and most probably visit your blog too.

#06 Use the Paid advertising

There are various paid services available like the facebook ads, twitter ads, stumbleupon paid discovery etc. You can use them, depending on the medium from where you get a larger number of audience, and promote your blog post.

#07 Share your post on LinkedIn

If your content is related to business, personal development, career, education etc., you can share your blog post on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a platform where all the professional networking site. Sharing quality content on this platform can attract large number of audience. Make sure to be a member of various LinkedIn groups relevant to your subject and also share your blog post to these groups.

#08 Send an Email to your contacts and mailing list

Send an email to your contacts and mailing list with a good introduction about your post. In this way, people who are your regular followers will get a notification about your new post and will go ahead to read it.

#09 Share your post on Google+

Google+ is also a great social medium to promote your blog post. Try to join the relevant communities and share your blog post there.

#10 Participate and share your blog post on Online Forums

There are many online forums, where you can actively participate and share your blog post. You need to be careful and do not look like you are self-promoting. Be involved with the discussions and provide your views on the topics of your interest. One of the famous online forum is Quora.com


Apart from these, the most important part is to be active on social media and build new contacts and follow influential people. You should like and share other people’s content also so that they too can reciprocate the same. Try to build an mailing list so that you can promote your blog by sending emails to them.

All the best with your blogging.

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