How to use StumbleUpon to Increase your Website Traffic

How to use StumbleUpon to increase your Website Traffic.png

Social media is a best medium to promote your blog/website and increase the traffic. While Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. are quite popular, people generally underestimate the power of StumbleUpon. If your content is good enough to attract and engage the people, StumbleUpon is one of the best ways to increase the traffic to your site.

StumbleUpon lets you share the links that you like. You need to associate it with a particular topic/interest. When other people search of content related to that particular topic, your link is shown as a page of interest to them. They can like and add that link to their list.

Getting started with StumbleUpon

  1. Create your own account (visit
  2. Create your profile and add the topics of your interest to your profile.
  3. Explore by using the stumble button to view the pages of your interest. You can like them and add to your list.
  4. Submit your own links to StumbleUpon. You can use the link  to submit the links. Or you can also add the stumbleUpon addon to your browser and add/stumble any page that you come across by just clicking on the StumbleUpon Button.

Now let us look at different ways by which you can use StumbleUpon to generate more traffic.

  1. Become an Active Stumbler: You need to be active and like and share interesting content with your friends on stumbleUpon. The more the content you like and share, more are the chances that your pages are shown to other people looking for that content.
  1. Have a StumbleUpon Social Sharing Button on your Website: This will help people to stumble your article from your website, which in turn increases the chances that your article will be shown to others looking for similar content.
  2. Follow people with same interest: Look for people with similar interests, and follow them and try to build your own network. Once you have followers, you can share your pages directly with them.
  3. Join the Facebook groups: There are many groups in Facebook, especially the groups of stumblers who are looking to promote good content on StumbleUpon. You can join some of these groups and ask people to like your page and reciprocate the same.
  4. Identify the Power Users: Look for power users in the follower section. If someone has more than 500 followers, it shows that he/she has a lot of influence on the platform. If such a person shares or likes your content, it will influence a huge number of audience and most likely will be liked by others also. This will surely give a boost to your webpage.
  5. Use the Paid Discovery of StumbleUpon: If you have budget and can spend some on the marketing, try the paid discovery of stumbleUpon. You need to have the right type of content and targeting for it to work for you. Here you need to pay only for users visiting your website and not for the likes or shares.

These are some of the ideas which you can use to drive traffic from StumbleUpon. I am sure there may be some more tried and tested ideas. Would love to hear your experiences on StumbleUpon.

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