The Art of Conflict Management: Achieving Solutions for Life, Work, and Beyond- Available for Free

When a group of people works together in an environment, conflicts are bound to happen. Each individual has a different perspective of thinking, has different experience level and possess different skills. Conflict management is a practice of handling such conflicts fairly and efficiently, at the same time limiting the negative aspects while increasing the positive aspects.

At a workplace, conflicts are a common phenomenon, and it is essential that every individual understands and learns to manage the conflicts.

Here is an amazing book on conflict management, that can prove to be a very useful learning tool for the individuals. And the best part is that it is available without any cost as an audible book from Amazon. You can easily listen to the lectures while on the go and master the art of conflict management.

The Art of Conflict Management: Achieving Solutions for Life, Work, and Beyond  Audible Audiobook – Original recording

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To get this book free of cost all you need to do is to enable your free trial of the Amazon audible account available for 30 days.



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