Google Docs: 6 Powerful Things That You Can Do Using This Tool

Google Docs

Google docs is one of the most useful online services provided by Google. It is a free web-based application using which you can create, edit and store spreadsheets, forms and documents online. The documents stored in google docs can be accessed from any computer/mobile and shared with different users.

While most of us may be using the google docs for some use or the other, but many of them are not aware of some of the very useful features of google docs.

Here are some of the most used features of google docs which can make your work and life very simple.

  1. Sharing the documents with different users: Sharing files, especially huge files has become very easy with google docs. You can simply click on the share button available at the top right corner and select the users you want to share the document. You can choose if you want it to be private or public on the web.
  2. Collaboration: If multiple users are required to work on the same document, then you can easily use the google docs for the same. Just upload the document and share it with the required users giving them proper access. And then anyone of them can work on the same document at the same time and watch over the changes happening on it in real time.
  3. Create PDF file: Yes, you can create the pdf file of any document, spreadsheet or presentation without needing any pdf converter. Just simply open the required document and click on the File > Download as > PDF document.
  4. Create Surveys: You can create surveys to gather the opinions or ideas from people using google forms. Add your questions in the form and you can provide a text space, or multiple choice answers or checkboxes etc. to let the users enter their answers. Once your survey is created, simply click on the blue “Share form” button at the top right and select the users to whom the survey link has to be shared. To view the responses, click on the “view responses” button.
  5. Ease of accessing: You can access any file from anywhere offline or online using the Google drive which is the home for the google docs. For the offline usage you need to install the google drive apps on your desktop, which will automatically synchronize your docs on the drive and desktop.
  6. Editing/Reviewing Documents: Editing/reviewing the documents has become easier with google docs where a user can simply share the document for review, and the reviewer can check in and provide his comments using the “comments” feature on the same document without even having the need to download the document to their hard drive.

If the potential of the google docs is fully explored and used by people, it is surely going to make you work very simple. Here are only some of the features of the google docs which are most used by the users. People need to understand these features and identify the processes which they perform using them much efficiently and consuming less time.

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