Hope you enjoyed the last set of brain teasers Some Quick Brain Teaser Questions. Lets have some more fun in solving these brain teasers. What disappears the moment you say its name? What English word retains the same pronunciation, even after you take away four of its five letters? Take away the whole and some still remains. […]

The most difficult part in managing your time effectively is prioritizing your work. Most of the people think that working long hours and being busy all the time will lead them towards success. Well, this is completely a misconception, because most of the time they end up spending their time on non-priority things which have […]

Making decisions are part of everyone’s life, be it at personal or professional level. Some decisions are small while some are major. At workplace too, making decisions is a part of every employee, especially at the managerial level. Organizations wants their employees to take decisions which are beneficial to them. Decisions at work, requires lots […]

Are Leaders born or made? This is an age-old question on which lot of theories were written in the past. Each theory has its own perspective and arguments. The debate on leadership is very complicated and I do not want to put forward any argument towards it. Here is my simple perspective towards leadership that […]

We all may be using a telephone from the age we started speaking. One may wonder what needs to be learnt for a telephonic conversation. Well, you must understand that your work environment is different and expectations of the people are also high. Speaking to colleagues, clients, managers over the phone is different from how […]

Recently I have come across many articles talking fancy things about a successful presentation. Fancy jargon are good, but one also needs to remember the basics of presentation. Once you get your basics right, things will definitely fall in place and you will be able to deliver a successful presentation. So, let’s get back to […]

What is your picture of a great leader? A well-balanced person, who can keep his cool in difficult situation. A person who values the emotion of the people around him. A person who can motivate the people with his excellent communication skills. Someone who the people can trust and find easy to talk to. And […]