It is said that first impression is the last impression and in the case of job application, your resume is the first impression that you make on the recruiters. However great your content may be, but if it is not presented properly and is error free, it is not going to get you a call. […]

Communication is a very important aspect in the professional world. Poor communication can impact the reputation of a person and show unprofessional behavior. Certain communication mistakes can have a larger impact on the organization like losing on clients, revenue and reputation in the market. Hence every individual should understand the importance of communication and practice […]

  In the corporate world, you compete with thousands of employees to climb up the ladder of success. To climb up that ladder, you need to be timely promoted to the next level. Getting promotion, especially timely promotion is not that easy. If you think that just by doing a good job will get you […]

Body language is a very important part of how we communicate with others. The way you sit, walk, your gestures, hand movements, facial expressions, all are part of your body language. It is important to understand, what different actions could mean and how others perceive it. This will put you in a better position to […]

Performance appraisal is a process by which the employer evaluates the job performance of individual employees. It is generally a periodic event and the cycle may vary from organization to organization. It can be yearly, half yearly or monthly based on the policies of the organization. At the beginning of the cycle, some set of […]

  No person can be perfect, we all commit mistakes in our life. But how we handle those mistakes and reduce its after effect is what matters the most. Making mistakes at workplace is a very common thing. We all must have made blunders in the office at least once in our career. Mistakes can […]

Start side business along with job

Everyone dreams of having his/her own business and becoming self-employed. We all have great skills that we apply in our job, so that our organization can grow and gain profits. But how about applying these skills to your own business and making a way for that extra income. One needs to analyze his strong skills […]