5 ways to Use Your Skills and Make Money on the Side While Working Full-time

Everyone dreams of having his/her own business and becoming self-employed. We all have great skills that we apply in our job, so that our organization can grow and gain profits. But how about applying these skills to your own business and making a way for that extra income.

One needs to analyze his strong skills and the area of interest for a business opportunity. The aim should be to start a business in such a way that your day job is not affected. Slowly, if you are able to establish yourself in the market, your side business can turn out into a full-time business in future.

We all have some or the other skills, which is our core strength. Some may be good at art, while some may be good writers. Some may be having good marketing skills, while some may be good in their technical areas. The most important task before starting a side business, is to recognize your core strength, the skills that you can use to apply into your business.

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Let us consider some ideas, where you can apply your skills and become a successful entrepreneur.

#1 Blogging

Blogging is the most simple and popular medium people are engaging. There are many free blogging platforms available in the market where you can easily start your own blog without any investment. But one should be aware that monetizing your blog isn’t easy and may take few years to earn some income from it. You should have the skill of keeping people engaged with your content and become your regular readers. The more people engage with your blog, the more potential of monetizing your blog.

So simply identify your area of interest, on which you can write some quality content, and start your own blog today. You can use platforms like wordpress.com, blogger.com, wix.com to start with your free blogging website.

#2 Freelancing

Along with your day job, you can also become a freelancer. Freelancing is a very convenient way for earning that extra income, plus if you can make some good contacts, you can even become a full-time freelancer.

Nowadays, there is a huge demand for the freelancers in the market. It becomes easy for the organizations to hire freelancers for small projects, instead of a full-time employee. Also, small organizations/businesses look for freelancers for their projects, as it helps them to save the cost as well as time.

You can become a freelancer in many areas like website development, content writing, marketing, social media, training, coding, photography etc. All you need to do is create your portfolio and market yourself. There are many websites in the market like freelancer.com, upwork.com etc., where you can look for some quality freelancing projects.

#3 Become a Trainer

If you are a master in the area of your work, you can consider to become a trainer. Especially, if you are an expert in some technical skills, you can become an online trainer, as there is a huge demand of online technical training across the globe. (This is what I do. Since I have quite a good command in CRM systems, I provide Online and Corporate training on CRM systems which has become a good source for my income Online Oracle CRM Training)

You can get engaged with some training institutes as a trainer, or create your own website and market your training course.

#4 Sell Your Art

Many of us, working in the corporate world, also have an artist hidden within us. Art can be of various forms, like painting, singing, stand-up comedy, poetry, dancing etc. As a side business, you can think of selling your creations online.

If you are a painter, photographer or make handicrafts, you can sell your creations online with the help of various online selling platforms. You can also create your videos and share online. You never know which big opportunity is waiting for you!

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#5 Selling Products

If you have an excellent marketing skills, plus you have some unique products to offer to your customers, you can also choose to sell physical products to customers as a side business. You can create your own website or use online selling platforms to sell your products.

Nowadays, social media has become a best medium to market your products and get leads for your business. You can use this medium for networking and get buyers for your products.

These are some ideas to kick-start your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. With the right investment of time, and application of your skills, you can convert these small business ideas into a full-time business and become a successful entrepreneur.

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  1. i think so i have markiting skills but i donot know how i use this skill bcz i am 18 and also two confused i wanna my own bussiness but i donot know how?


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