Why Corporate Essentials..?

Getting into a top B school is the dream of every student who want to pursue MBA. You give a number of entrance exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, SAT, CET etc. with the hope of cracking at least one and get an admission into the college of your choice. After all the hard work, finally you get paid off and secure a seat in a good MBA college. Same is the case with the IITs, Engineering colleges, Commerce, Arts, in fact in every stream.

But what next, was getting into the college of your dream was the only thing that you wanted to attain. My dear, it is just a beginning of what the future awaits you.

Have you ever thought, why even in the top B- schools, IITs and other the other top ranked colleges, not every student is able to grab that top placement offer? While the cream of students gets the best package, the rest of them have to settle with an average package.  So, when all the students had equally worked hard to get into that college, not all may secure the best of the corporate offers.

One factor is of course the academics, but the other very important factor is your inner self. How ready are you to take that on the corporate world. The inner confidence shows in your body language. So, it is very important that along with the academic scores, you should also groom yourself to be able to stand out in the crowd.

Ok, now this is an example of the placements, but suppose you grabbed the best of the corporate offer, is this the end of your efforts. No dear, you have just entered into a world which is no less than the Hogwarts (Harry Potter fans will instantly relate to this) where you don’t know what next is waiting for you, and every day, every hour is an exam for you. You will find yourself standing with the bunch of freshers, all from the top colleges, with that ‘I don’t care about who are you’ attitude. Everyone is trying to outsmart each other. If you are not prepared to face this corporate world, you may find yourself lost and your dream to make it big the corporate world will be lost.

Reality check, right… Well, here we have come to your rescue. Our team with an experience of over 10 years in the corporate world, will provide you all kind of help so that you will be able to stand out in the crowd of all those freshers and be ready to face the challenges and leave an impression on your bosses.

On this site, you will find lots of self read articles, tips and tricks, resources, free training material. You also can enroll in the one on one sessions with the mentors for training on the different modules. We cover lots of areas like the soft skills, Email and telephone etiquettes, dealing with appraisals, basic computer skills, negotiation skills, self-confidence, corporate attire etc.

We also conduct workshops for the students on request from the institutions to boost the morale of the students and make them employable.



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